The Wildwood Write Up

June 30, 2023

The Wildwood Write Up

AKA All the News That Session 3 Printed

Edited by staff Lizzie and Lehanna

Why Camp Helps Mental Health

Written by Milla H.

Camp is a nice place to let go of worries and other bad stuff.

The counselors will always check to make sure that people are ok and well. Making friends is good. You can talk to them and maybe open up.

When you’re here, people make friendship bracelets for each other.

Camp is calm and kind of crazy but it’s fun. There are so many places to relax and take naps. There is rest time, so if people have books or journals that help them, they can use them, which is good. They can also use them when they go to the library.

If people have bad sleep schedules, coming to camp can help them fix it. The breeze is a nice sound that will help you relax.

When people go to camp, they can’t have their phones. It’s nice that they can have a five day break.

When people have friends at camp, they can hangout with them and help them. If people have fears they want to face, friends can help them do that.

The counselors are really nice, but they will be strict. If someone barely drinks water and they want to drink more, then come to camp! The counselor[s] make sure you drink water.

Everyone is super nice and helpful.

My Cabin

Written by Emersyn D

What I like about my cabin is my bunk bed. I sleep on the bottom bunk.

Another thing I like about my cabin is the porch. I put my towels, swimming suit, bug spray, and sunscreen on the porch.

My cabin leaders are cool (especially Alex).

What I like about my cabin is the girls. They’re nice, caring, funny, and cool.

One thing that I’ve done with my cabin is songs like “60’s Party in a 60’s Movie” and “You Can’t Ride in my Little Red Wagon.”

What do you like about your cabin?


Written by Sidney B

At Wildwood there is so much nature. I wrote this because I really like nature.

I like the way it looks, the way it flows, and how it feels. There might be some bugs, but I still love it.

The coolest thing I saw in nature at Wildwood was probably the frogs.

Nature at Wildwood

Written by Delaney B

At Wildwood, you’re surrounded by nature.

There’s a big pond for kayaking or canoeing. Many frogs can be found near it. Lots of kids can fish and explore in the pond! There are lots of trees, too. They provide shade and amazing scenery. Wild flowers grow everywhere and the there’s a beautiful meadow. Most people at Wildwood like the nature here. The beauty of it makes people feel good. For others, nature might push them out of their comfort zone, and that can be a good thing! Although there are negatives about nature. There are bugs everywhere, and you could get a sunburn. That’s why counselors remind campers to wear sunscreen and bug spray so they can still explore the great outdoors!

A Day at Camp

Written by Logan K

Yesterday I did sports and we played kickball and soccer.

After that I did journalism club and interviewed 5 people.

Next I ate lunch, and during rest time we finished “Night of the Ninjas” which was a really cool book.

And then we had KFC bowls for dinner. Next some kids and I started to catch frogs.

Finally we went into our cabins and went to sleep.

Wildwood Years

Written by Ellie P

What I like about Wildwood is that they have changed things from last year. We have clubs now and they are so fun. We get to have plays, go outside, and see animals. There’s so many other things here at Wildwood.

What I also love about Wildwood is that the staff here care for you. They make you laugh when you feel down and sometimes you could get treats, but not all the time.

Overall camp Wildwood is one of the best camps I have ever been to. The food here is so good and so is the sherbet.

One of my favorite things about Wildwood is that my first year here we went down to the lake and we got to catch fish, but we would be careful about the snapping turtles. On my first try, I got a snapping turtle. The snapping turtle would follow me around, but I ran because I was scared of it. I thought it would bite me, but it never did. Some of my friends and I were laughing. It was funny. I have so many memories about Wildwood but that one is my favorite of all time.

My Favorite Memory at Wildwood

Written by Natalie P.

It was my first year, and I was really scared. I thought I wasn’t going to make any friends and plus I was the oldest in my cabin.

When I first settled down in my cabin, my counselor Jessie explained everything.

Then I made my first friend and we bonded really well. I got comfortable with the others in the cabin, too. The beds were really uncomfortable, but it was alright.

I learned how to fish, boat, and other skills I never learned before. There was a bad time, but we got through as a cabin.

I still talk to the girls I had in my first cabin. Wildwood is the most fun camp I have ever been to. I grew as a person, met new people, and got out of my comfort zone.


Written by Jhi’Xe Y

Wildwood is a camp that gives you many fun and educating experiences. However, some campers don’t enjoy their stay. Here are some ways [I think] Camp Wildwood can improve and give campers a joyful experience:

  1. Later Bedtimes — Some campers get along so well with their fellow cabin mates that they don’t want to go to bed at 10:30, which causes arguments and disruption. Maybe 11:15 PM for older kids.
  2. More Options — There are more energetic kids, less energetic, and calm kids. They should have plenty of activities for both.
  3. More Concern about Mental Health — Some kids come to Camp Wildwood to get away and they may need to be checked in on.

With that being said, I hope Wildwood takes this into consideration.

About Camp

Written by Anna E.

This camp is amazing if you want to get away from home because it’s a fun sleep way camp.

Some things that happen in this camp are kids waking up counselors, making bracelets, swimming, rock wall, giant swing, and naps.

There are also camp clubs. Some of those clubs are ropes, farm, nature, and swimming. Most of this camp is fun and amazing. There are a lot of great and amazing food.

That is all about my camp!

Fun Things at Camp

Written by Mackenzie M

Me and Emmy had a lot of funny stuff in the lunchroom. What we were doing was hiding from each other in the cabin. We played family without stuffed animals. We brushed our teeth and then went to bed, and me and Emmy were passing notes to each other. And then we changed to go to bed. We fell asleep.

[The next day,] me and Emmy went swimming in the water. The water was cold. [We] had a camp fire, and I made a s’more and pizza and sandwiches.

I went on the giant swing. I went all the way up.

Reasons Why Camp Wildwood is Good for Mental Health

Written by Truth R

One reason Camp Wildwood is good for mental health is because if campers have something going on at home, they can come here. They can use this as an escape or getaway from their problems. Camp can help take their minds off certain things. Another reason camp is good for mental health is they can learn a lot of things. Usually kids just sit at home on their phones all day doing the same stuff each and everyday. When campers come here, they’re not on an electronic. They can socialize with different people and instead of doing the same things everyday. They can do plenty of different things each day and can learn stuff they didn’t know about nature of different stuff in general.