Challenge Programs

high-ropesPrograms promoting teamwork and problem-solving:

Adventure Challenge Course (6 hours)
Grade 3 to Adult – $24/person
The Wildwood Adventure Challenge Course is where creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving skills really get a workout! Physical and mental challenges are presented in a fun, collaborative way by our trained facilitators. This unique, hands-on experience takes place in a beautiful wooded area and will build teamwork and problem-solving confidence for your group.

Total Wildwood Challenge (6-8 hours)
Grade 3 to Adult – $42/person
Complete the Adventure Challenge Course as described above and add in a high ropes activity like Giant Swing, Rockwall, or Zipline (ages 12 to adult) to bring extra adventure to your program.

All Day Adventure (8-12 hours)
Grade 3 to Adult – $33/person
Make it a full day of fun and outdoor learning! Complete the Adventure Challenge Course, then enjoy canoeing and fishing, free time and an evening activity with the Wildwood staff. Add a sack lunch or cookout dinner provided by Wildwood or bring your own meals.

climbing-wallRockwall (2 hours)
Grade 1 to Adult – $20/student
Define your personal goal and climb a 35 ft. wall to achieve your own idea of success. Sometimes, you are capable of much more than you thought!

Giant Swing (2 hours)
Grade 1 to Adult – $20/student
Rely on your teammates to pull you up into the air, then release your rip cord and go flying on our Giant Swing. This team-building activity is designed to encourage participants to challenge their comfort zone and accomplish an incredible feat with the help of their team from the ground.

Zip Line (2 hours)
Ages 12 to Adult – $20/student
Zip across the meadow from 35 feet up in the air! The Wildwood zipline is a thrill for older youth and adults and encourages healthy risk-taking and exploration.

Sky Walker (4 hours)
Ages 12 to Adult – $28/student
Test your problem-solving abilities 35 feet up in the air on our Sky Walker. Students will be exposed to mountaineering equipment and skills and introduced to a static belay system.

Archery (1 hour)
Grade 3 to Adult – $7/student
Students learn to safely use a bow and arrows by demonstrating proper stance as well as aiming and shooting techniques. Practice and coaching help improve performance.