Camp Food and Meals

At Wildwood we strive to provide healthy, kid-friendly meals for active camp days.  We use whole wheat breads, seasonal fruit and vegetables and lean proteins.  Campers may eat outdoors, in the dining hall, or along the trails during their camp adventures. 

Campers receive a snack in the afternoon and evening.  There is also fruit available (generally apples and oranges) all day in the dining hall.

We do not allow campers to have outside food, snacks or candy at camp to protect the health of all participants. 

If you have any food that your camper will need, you may give it to staff and it will be kept in the kitchen.  Picky eaters always find something to eat. We accommodate many dietary needs, and we work to accommodate food allergies.

Sample Menu

Frequently Asked Questions

My child has a food allergy. Can they still come to camp?

Yes! Part of our registration includes questions about allergies (including severity), and we successfully serve campers with milk, peanut, and other allergies. Campers must understand and manage their own dietary needs and restrictions (e.g. it is important that a dairy free camper understand their own restrictions and needs as there will be cheese and/or other dairy products available at meals or from the salad bar).

If you have questions or concerns about your camper’s dietary needs, please call or text us at (913) 738-9067 or email office@wildwoodctr.org.

My child has an eating disorder/is recovering from an eating disorder (including ARFID, bulimia, anorexia, BED, etc). Can they come to camp?

Yes! Our kitchen is able to accommodate a variety of dietary needs, and can provide additional or specific food/meals as necessary. We ask that campers are able manage 5 days of meals independently. Our staff is unable to monitor eating disorder behaviors.

My child is vegetarian or vegan. Can you accommodate their needs?

Yes! We can accommodate both vegetarian and vegan diets. Please note your child’s specific dietary needs in registration, and reach out to our staff at office@wildwoodctr.org if you have a specific concern.