Camp Wildwood Outcomes and Insights

Environmental Literacy and Social-Emotional Outcomes

At the end of camp,

Camp Insights:

Our parents and campers also let us know how we can make camp better. Here’s what we learned:

About the Survey Data:

Social-Emotional Learning and Environmental Literacy

In 2022, Wildwood served 535 camper weeks, and asked campers to complete a paper survey on the last day of each camp session (Friday). Of the surveys received, 453 were legible. To measure the impact of camp and campers’ experience for different groups, surveys were matched to camp rosters and were subsequently anonymized.

The surveys were analyzed for camper growth in five areas: environmental literacy (particularly wanting to be outside and feeling connected to nature); responsible decision-making; self-management (being aware of and processing one’s emotions in a healthy way); relationship skills (conflict resolution, feeling connected to others); and social awareness (empathizing with others and reacting accordingly).


To read about the survey results and demographics in more depth, visit our Upmetrics dashboard.

Camp Feedback

In 2022, Wildwood added incentives to increase parent survey completion. 2 random survey-takers received a digital $50 Target gift card, 10 were given a $25 gift card for in-person participation, and 2 were sent digital QuikTrip gift cards. In total, 100 adults participated in feedback about Camp Wildwood.