Wildwood provides a comfortable and well-rounded outdoor experience with our 5 cabins.

Approximately 18 campers of the same gender and in a similar age group will be placed in each cabin. Cabins have air conditioning, bunks, indoor bathrooms, and showers.

During the registration process, you may request one “buddy” to be placed in the same cabin as your child.  The buddy needs to be of similar age and gender since the cabins are separated by gender and by age.  

Counselors live in the cabins with the campers throughout their stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the cabins air conditioned?


Are the camper bathrooms inside the cabins?


What staff live in the cabins with campers?

Camp counselors, lifeguards, and program leaders all live in camper cabins. Staff work in teams to supervise cabin groups.

How do I make sure my camper gets to be in the same cabin as their camp buddy?

We try to ensure campers can be placed with a buddy of their choice.

Campers may select one camp buddy, and buddies must select each other during registration. Buddies should be within one year of age. Siblings of the same gender who want to be in a cabin together should select each other as buddies. Please do not select more than one buddy.