Volunteer Spotlight: Marcus

This month, Marcus Kain, one of our most dedicated volunteers reached 100 hours of service for Wildwood.

Marcus is a very active human. He is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, trail runner, and public speaker with a passion for mentoring youth. He regularly speaks to Kansas City area middle and high school students about business and ethics, and is currently writing a philosophy book.

Despite his other priorities, Marcus has made time to volunteer at and for Wildwood. He has stepped in to help with everything from building the garden to checking in guests at Electric Night Hike to clearing weeds from the pond.

camp volunteer
Marcus spent some of his volunteer time this summer playing catch with campers.

Marcus’ volunteer work is not always glamorous, so I wondered what drives him to give his time to Wildwood.

Why Wildwood?

“I volunteer at Wildwood for a multitude of reasons, but I volunteer primarily because they foster a love for the outdoors and emphasize the importance of learning for all campers and outdoor school students.”

Early in the year, I asked Marcus to volunteer at our annual fundraiser, Take A Wild Guess, and at a volunteer camp maintenance day, and it was through these events that Marcus got connected to Wildwood’s mission–to get kids learning and growing outside.

Marcus continued to volunteer, noting that his time volunteering during camp sessions was incredibly impactful: “I had not done archery in years, but one day I headed out to the range with some campers. Seeing campers–even the ones who didn’t get the hang of it right away–keep trying and have fun was really cool.

“The kids who didn’t go first were content to wait their turn. The willingness to remain patient, help clean up and assist others was incredible. This collaborative effort is one of the many values Wildwood instills in its campers.

“I also made it to popsicle time a handful of times during summer camp. My interactions with the campers playing basketball or just sitting around talking were priceless. You could tell how much enjoyment from a simple popsicle they derived from it. I just loved that.”

When camp’s not in session, Marcus has been busy helping beautify the camp. As he explains, “Seeing the camp look good, knowing that it will make a camper’s summer just a little bit better, that’s what keeps me coming back.”

We are so grateful for Marcus. His volunteer efforts make a huge difference at Wildwood. Thank you for making camp great!

P.S. If you want to volunteer for Wildwood, please reach out! Email jane@wildwoodctr.org to learn about opportunities.