Classroom Preparation Resources

Thank you for selecting Wildwood for your outdoor education experience! Please check your contract for specific details about your upcoming event. We have included several resources and classroom activities below to help you prepare for the experience.

Contact Laura (laura@wildwoodctr.org) or call (913) 738-9067 with questions or to request changes to your reservation.

General Resources:

Release and Information Form (required for all participants):  Please bring a signed copy of this form for every program participant.

Final Payment: Please remember that your invoice is due the day of your program. You can pay online directly from your invoice, or drop off a check during your visit. Contact the office if you have questions.

User Group Manual: This manual includes guidelines, information, and helpful details about planning a Wildwood visit.

Helpful letter for parents: You can print this letter and send home to parents of participants.

Helpful letter for teachers and chaperones: You can print and distribute this letter to teachers and chaperones who will lead groups during your Wildwood program.

Wildwood Pre-Visit Classroom Activities:

Here are several optional activities you may use in your classroom to help students prepare for their time at Wildwood.

  • Wildwood Words–This crossword puzzle helps students answer their own questions about what it’s like at Wildwood.
  • Are We There Yet?—Use math, computers and geography to find Wildwood on the map and determine how long it will take to get there.
  • Line Ups—A variety of line-up challenges gets students into the practice of working collaboratively to solve a problem.
  • Shoebox Ecology—A simple way to compare the ecosystems at school with the ecosystems at Wildwood and appreciate the similarities and differences.

Thank you for selecting Wildwood for your group. We look forward to working with you!