My Wildwood Stories

There are thousands of Wildwood Stories. Tell yours and win $250!

Start your video with “Wildwood is important to me because …” and then say whatever you’d like about your camp experience or what camp means to you (in 60 seconds or less)! Post your creation to Instagram with the hashtag #MyWildwood for a chance to win the cash prize, a camp t-shirt, or tickets to Take a Wild Guess for Wildwood on April 19!

Sincere, silly, funny or profound, all of your ideas are welcome and the videos don’t have to be fancy!
Prize categories include:
  • Overall best video ($250)
  • Best video from a current camper
  • Best video from a former camper
  • Best video from a camp parent
Some ideas for things you could talk about:
  • Things you learned at camp
  • Experiences with nature
  • Friendships you formed
  • Ways you are different today because of Wildwood
Prizes will be awarded on Monday, April 9, so make sure we have your submission by 5 p.m. 
We’ll feature some of our favorite entries here during the campaign. When we’re done, we’ll make a mashup video of all of the great Wildwood Stories to share with you!

Check out #MyWildwood on Instagram.

Video not your cup of tea?

A simple selfie testimonial from your phone is all it takes. But if you don’t want to make a video, we still want to hear from you! Feel free to submit a quick paragraph via our contact page to share.