Additional Programs

Archery (1.5 hour), Grade 1 to Adult

Learn to safely use a bow and arrows by demonstrating proper stance as well as aiming and shooting techniques. Practice and coaching help improve performance.

Canoeing (1.5 Hour), Grade 3 to Adult

In groups of 2-3, participants will explore the surface of the Wildwood pond from the safety of a canoe. You’ll be equipped with paddles, life-jackets and receive guidance from a Wildwood waterfront safety specialist on your voyage to new discoveries!

Fishing (1 Hour), All Ages
On Your Own, No Fee

Staffed by Wildwood, $40/hour

Largemouth bass, blue gill, crappie and catfish all call the Wildwood pond “home.” Hook up your poles and try your hand at catching a big one! Some groups prefer fishing on their own using our equipment or equipment brought from home. There is no charge fishing on your own. If you’d like a Wildwood staff person to lead your fishing activity, a fee will apply.

Science Education (1.5 hour), All Ages
$10 per participant

Wildwood offers many kinds of science, choose from aquatic ecology, renewable energy, forest ecology, bio-inspired design, star lab, orienteering, and more.

Rockwall, (1.5 hours per 15 participants), Grade 3 to Adult
$22 per participant

Define your personal goal and climb up our 35-ft. wall to achieve your own idea of success. Sometimes, you are capable of much more than you thought!

Giant Swing, (1.5 hours per 15 participants), Grade 3 to Adult
$22 per participant

Rely on your teammates to pull you up into the air, and then release your rip cord and go flying on our Giant Swing, a team-building activity designed to encourage participants to challenge their comfort zone and accomplish an incredible feat with the help of their team from the ground.

Zip Line (1.5 hours for up to 15 participants), Grade 5 to Adult
$33 per participant

Zip across the meadow from 35 feet up in the air! The Wildwood zipline is a thrill for older youth and adults and encourages healthy risk-taking and exploration.

Earthwalk (1.5 hours) All ages
$10 per participant

Take a walk in the woods and see what you may discover! Instructors will include stops along the way for activities.  This is a great way to get outside, explore the camp, and get in touch with nature in a non-lecture environment.


Team Building (1.5 hours) All Ages

A variety of team building challenges will be used to identify and develop the skills needed to be an effective group, such as communication and trust. With minimal props, students will use their problem solving skills and imagination to accomplish group goals. These activities may be done indoors or out.

Swimming (varies) All Ages
$50 + $100/hour for up to 25 swimmers
$100 + $150/hour for up to 50 swimmers

Splash and play together in the Wildwood pool (contact us for opening and closing dates). Participants should be evaluated for swimming ability before entering deep end.

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